Paket Paintball di Buperta Ragunan

paintball ragunan

Paket Games Paintball di Buperta Ragunan, Jakarta Selatan

Paket games paintball yang kami tawarkan adalah paket simulasi perang-perangan minimal untuk 30 orang dengan fasilitas lengkap. Free biaya lokasi khusus untuk di Buperta Ragunan (Bumi Perkemahan dan Pertamanan), Jakarta Selatan, dengan biaya yang sama, yaitu :

Harga :  Rp. 165.000/pax (min. 30 pax )


Package Details:
Trainer, Technical Team, Semi Automatic Weapon, 40 Bullets, Uniform, Seragam, Body Protector, Goggle (Pelindung Wajah), Standard Medicine, Mineral Water, rent area & admission ticket

BUPERTA Ragunan, Jakarta Selatan

Play Time:
10 minutes to 20 minutes for each 1x game
And can be played by 5 persons for 1 team in battle 1x
Number of games that we provide 5x or unlimited

10 bullets/person (minimum pax. 50)

Cost of adding participants to one person IDR 165.000
Addition of bullets: IDR 25,000 / pack (contents of 20 bullets)


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  • Jakarta Paintball (Office) Jakarta Selatan DKI Jakarta
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